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Full Moon October 2023 is a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus and bringing what’s in the shadows to light

Eclipse season is always a time of endings. As one door closes, another opens. But as is often the case with eclipses, the endings they bring may not have been ones we wanted. However, these supercharged lunar events have a way of dropping seemingly far-off events directly into our laps to deal with in the present.

Printable October  Calendar Templates With Holidays
Printable October Calendar Templates With Holidays

The stars are strongly encouraging you to evaluate the changes you have undergone – and forgive yourself and others for ways in which you or the have fallen short of your goals but more importantly your values. Taurus and Scorpio energy reminds us that we all have a shadow side. We owe it to ourselves, and to others, to be honest about that – but also display grace. You are not perfect – and neither are they. It’s a reminder to let others be who they are going to be, who they have shown you to be, so you can be free to be who you are destined to become, even if it means without them.

The Moon in Taurus reminds us that our sense of safety and security comes from a strong sense of self, but that doesn’t have to be about winning at all costs or burning the candle at both ends, which may be a temptation as war-like Mars in Scorpio opposes go-big Jupiter in Taurus during this time. In your quest to right wrong or move forward, make sure you’re not becoming the thing you’re fighting against. A Taurus Moon is always about self-confidence and maintaining strong personal values – and acting on them. Remember that big revelations can be exposed during a Full Moon and this one might just be about seeing yourself with fresh eyes after an honest look within.

Printable October  Calendar Templates With Holidays
Printable October Calendar Templates With Holidays

Full Moon

When is the Full Moon August 2023?

Printable October  Calendar Templates With Holidays
Printable October Calendar Templates With Holidays

Mark your moon calendar of 2023 for 28th October 2023 at 9:24 PM GMT when the Moon in Taurus forms a potent opposition to the Sun in Scorpio and initiates a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This eclipse is extra resonant around the themes of endings as it marks the last eclipse in the Taurus/Scorpio series that began in November 2021. For the last two years, the Lunar Nodes have likely foundationally and fundamentally altered those sectors of your birth chart, either in terms of your finances, your career, your living situation, your relationship status, your health, and even your beliefs.

Here’s how the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of October 2023 will affect you. Look at your sun or rising sign for the most accurate reading, based on your astrology birth chart.

Printable October  Calendar Templates With Holidays
Printable October Calendar Templates With Holidays

Full Moon

Full Moon August 2023 horoscopeAries

Your relationship with money has been completely transformed over these last two years, Aries. This final Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your second house of material possessions is asking you to evaluate the lessons you’ve learned about income. Like, what you are willing to do, not to do, compromise, or put up with to earn your living. With the Lunar Nodes activating this part of your chart, you’ve been asked to consider not only your sense of personal worth but if your efforts have been worth the stress you’ve been put under. Change is hard, but sometimes it’s necessary


Your relationship with your self-perception has completely transformed, Taurus. This final Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your first house of the self invites you to consider just how far you’ve come – and how hard you’ve fought – to get exactly where you are. You were the zodiac’s “main character” over these last two years, a role that’s often not fun while you’re going through it, but often, it’s always worth it. While some significant relationships and partnerships may have ended, you have emerged stronger, with a better sense of who you are and what your gifts are. Go where you’re celebrated.


Your relationship with self-care has changed over these last two years, Gemini. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your twelfth house of the subconscious has been about showing yourself grace – even when that may have meant confronting your shadow side and owning up to your blind spots. These are not easy tasks, so take a moment to congratulate yourself on putting in the hard work. Now it’s about thinking about the future of what caretaking for yourself means. Are these triggers for you to work through? Or behaviours for you to accept? Only you can decide.


Your friendships have undergone a complete transformation, Cancer. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your eleventh house of groups and networks is here to remind you that no matter what has happened, it’s a good thing. Whether your friendships have forged deeper bonds or have dissolved from cracks and fractures across weak fault lines, the truths have been revealed. The stars have shown you that while certain people enter your life for a season and others for several decades, they all appear for a reason. It’s OK to let friends change and even more OK to let them go if necessary.


It’s very likely that what you’re doing now looks a lot different than it did before this eclipse series started two years ago, Leo. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your tenth house of career has been about you coming into your power. Changes at work have been so you can realize your strengths, talents, and unique attributes – and know that you should be compensated fairly for them. No one can do exactly what you do, because no one has lived exactly as you have. If you’ve been showing up as your full self and putting in the work, you’ll get what you deserve. Trust that.


Your beliefs over the last two years have undergone a radical transformation, Virgo. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your ninth house of spiritual expansion has been about exposing yourself to new possibilities and ways of thinking. It sounds easy on the surface, but letting go of long-held beliefs and firmly entrenched viewpoints is never easy, especially not in today’s increasingly polarized environment. As a Virgo, admitting you may have been wrong about something can be acutely painful. But if you let go of the need to know everything or to be right about it, you can allow the world and life to surprise you. And this eclipse has one last surprise for you – if you will allow it.


Your karmic scales are finally being balanced, Libra. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your eighth house of karmic debts is your final chance to experience the release that comes from forgiveness. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting. It does not mean excusing. It does not mean erasing. It means you don’t have to burden yourself with what could have been and accept what was and what is. Sometimes people let you down. Sometimes you let others down. You’re only human and so are they. Let go of what happened and embrace what comes next.

Full Moon


Your sense of trust has undergone radical shifts, Scorpio – and you’re not an overly trusting sign to begin with. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your seventh house of partnership is your final test in terms of who and what is owed your love and loyalty. Over the last two years, the stars have brought events, some very difficult, to show you who is really by your side. To show you who you must move on from. And to show you who you could let in if you’d let your guard down. Life is meant for living and for loving.


Your daily life likely looks a lot different than it did two years ago, Sagittarius. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sixth house of health and habits is about transforming the way you approach your routines so they can be more aligned with your physical and emotional needs. It’s about realizing all the ways you’ve spread yourself too thin to be everywhere or to do everything for everyone else. Your needs can no longer be a secondary priority. Recent events have likely shown you that. Your health matters, your self-care matters, and that’s because you matter.


These last two years have been about your legacy, Capricorn. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your fifth house of creativity has a special surprise in store for you. It’s one that will require you to let go of your fears and judgements so you can be free to express your inner talents. What is it that you want to be remembered for? What activities do you love doing? When do you feel like your soul has been set on fire with passion and excitement? It’s time to do more of that and let go of any self-doubts that get in the way of you sharing your gift.


Your home life has undergone changes over these last two years, Aquarius. Perhaps you don’t live in the same home you did; a new family member has entered your life; while another may have left. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your fourth house of home and family is about empowering you to move forward and know that you have unconditional love and support in this realm and in the spirit realm. Your guides and ancestors are protecting you. The changes you’ve undergone have been about solidifying your foundations. You are made of sturdy stuff. Whatever comes next, your inner and outer support system will be there.


Your magical prowess has deepened over the last two years, Pisces. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your third house of communication is about a final manifestation effort, a chance to commune with the Universe and get what you want. This is about connecting with like-minded people who share the same dreams, goals, and beliefs. This is about surrounding yourself with positivity. Affirm what you want without fear of judgment or recrimination. Tap into your ability to make your intentions known. You’re more powerful than you know.