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WellnessLiving Makes Fitness More Accessible to Everybody

WellnessLiving makes booking classes, services and equipment simple with its innovative booking feature for specific assets, like bikes. Assets can even be assigned specific categories that only allow certain client types or groups to book them. With WellnessLiving’s software that makes booking a breeze, you can streamline your operations and save time and effort.

Pin on Best Professional Template
Pin on Best Professional Template

WellnessLiving’s Loyalty Rewards program offers clients opportunities to earn points by scheduling virtual and in-person classes, purchasing products, writing reviews and referring friends – with an integrated leader-board for easy tracking of progress.

People are still experiencing login issues with MindbodyPeople are still experiencing login issues with Mindbody, so switching to WellnessLiving is a great way to avoid these headaches and get a software that makes booking a breeze.

Free Printable Blank Calendar Template
Free Printable Blank Calendar Template


Stay in the know and prevent clients from missing future sessions by providing real-time class availability online. With an easy user-friendly system, participants can book classes and reserve equipment without calling or emailing your gym directly.

Free Printable Blank Calendar Templates - Helena Orstem - Medium
Free Printable Blank Calendar Templates – Helena Orstem – Medium

Clients can quickly reschedule or cancel bookings as needed, providing flexibility and convenience that enhances their experience with your brand. This reduces no-shows while saving both time and resources.

People have become accustomed to booking fitness classes online, so why not let them book fitness classes that way too? With WellnessLiving, members can quickly reserve equipment or a spot in a class with just a few clicks. This gives your business an updated edge that’s sure to impress clients.

Printable Blank Calendar Templates - Wiki Calendar
Printable Blank Calendar Templates – Wiki Calendar

FitVID on Demand

Enhance your clients’ experience by offering on-demand FitVID videos available to Unlimited Pass holders. They can view these videos by logging into their Wellness Living account through either the Wellness Living website (from any device) or Achieve Client App (on mobile).

The scheduling calendar makes it simple to keep tabs on upcoming appointments, classes and events with just a glance. Upcoming services are color-coded by service type or staff member for maximum organization of business operations.

Joel and his team at Stay Gold have found WellnessLiving’s comprehensive software solution the ideal way to manage class and facility scheduling, expand their community with new offerings like free Running Group classes and BeYou classes, and have even been honored with a #StandwithStudios Grant in 2022 for their dedication to diversity and inclusion.

Client Web App

Clients looking to schedule services or access account details can access everything they require via the Client Web App. Here they’ll find their profile data such as recent attendance activity and purchase options available; as well as activity alerts and rewards points.

The client app also displays a list of active session passes and memberships, from which clients can email or print receipts for transactions; in addition, they can opt-out of Purchase Options or change payment plans as desired.

WellnessLiving stands out from its rival apps by providing its own inbuilt marketing capabilities, eliminating the need for costly third-party systems and making it an attractive alternative to MINDBODY for fitness studios and gyms. In addition to these tools, WellnessLiving also provides free business directory listing as well as custom client apps like Achieve that provide additional exposure.

Constant Contact Integration

Constant Contact is one of the premier email marketing tools. This powerful software boasts features like an intuitive email editor, mobile-optimized templates and real-time reporting to name a few.

Constant Contact Integration makes it easier than ever for fitness industry businesses to stay connected with clients and members through regular emails. Users can send the data collected through website forms directly into Constant Contact’s ESP with the option of choosing which contact list the information will go.

Fitness technology holds great promise in increasing physical activity levels, yet questions still exist about how best to influence behavior change. Utilizing techniques from behavioral science (such as goal setting, feedback and rewards) could provide effective tools for encouraging physical activity among specific populations such as older adults or those of low socio-economic status (SES).

Zoom Integration

Booking appointments is now easier than ever and provides clients with an effortless process for getting set up, while the wait list feature makes keeping in contact with clients much simpler than before.

Utilizing Zoom integration with Superhuman will allow meeting links to be automatically added to calendar events and email invitations sent out. Administrators will have access to recording analytics as well as more.

Zoom made an investment in messaging interoperability (and Mio) to enable team members to seamlessly message across apps without switching them; this enables them to focus more on the task at hand than switching tools.