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Plan Your SLU Event

Saint Louis University events can be scheduled up to one year and as late as 15 business days in advance. Please review our scheduling policy before submitting your request.

Our locations are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. We recommend scheduling your event as early as possible to avoid losing out on your preferred location. The only time we will ask you to consider changing your location is when another room will accommodate your needs better than the one you requested.

Free Event Planning Templates ClickUp Docs, Excel, & Word
Free Event Planning Templates ClickUp Docs, Excel, & Word

Events scheduled fewer than 15 business days in advance will not be eligible for custom layouts or any services from our campus partners.

If you believe your event should be scheduled more than one year in advance, please reach out to [email protected] to begin the exemptions process. If you are a student organization, please work with your coordinator in the Student Involvement Center before contacting Event Services.

Free Event Planning Templates  Smartsheet
Free Event Planning Templates Smartsheet

Please note:

Your event is only confirmed once you receive an email confirmation from our staff. Submission to 25Live does not guarantee your event request will be confirmed. We strongly discourage advertising your event, making promotional materials, or confirming catering and rental orders until you have received confirmation from our staff. We are not responsible for any cost related to having materials remade or contract changes and cancellations. We reserve the right to cancel your event if it does not align with University policy. You are responsible for any damages to University facilities and/or property and injury to other people during your use of University facilities. Planning Procedures Student Organizations

Free Event Planning Templates  Smartsheet
Free Event Planning Templates Smartsheet

Student organizations are encouraged and welcome to hold events on campus. All student events require an approval certificate from the SIC. This process begins by submitting your event to SLUGroups. Once your event has been approved, download the certificate from your “Event Management” page in SLUGroups and attach it to your 25Live reservation. Failure to provide an approval certificate will result in denial of your event request.

The only exceptions to this are general body meetings.

Free Event Planning Templates  Smartsheet
Free Event Planning Templates Smartsheet

Students may not host events as individuals. A student must be part of a chartered student organization (CSO) and the event must be related to and supported by their CSO. All developing student organizations (DSO) must have the support of the Student Government Association (SGA) to host an event.

Study groups should use dedicated locations on campus including study rooms in Pius Library and Residence Halls before trying to reserve an event space.

Faculty and Staff

Reservations are submitted through 25Live and do not require any additional approvals. Exceptions to this are events held during May and December commencement, Fall Welcome and Homecoming. During these times, our campus wide events have first right of scheduling.

If you are trying to schedule an event during one of the events listed above, please email your request to [email protected] and we will submit it to the proper committee on your behalf.

Campus Partners

We work closely with each of the University’s service departments to ensure all of your event needs are met. Once we identify your needs we will make all requests, schedule delivery and set up of your equipment. Please do not begin your event planning process by reaching out to these departments.

Department of Public Safety

If you need security for your event, let your event planner know. The Department of Public Safety recommends a number of officers based on the size and location of your event. There is a fee of $30 per officer per hour with a minimum of two hours.


If you need parking for your event, or if your event will take place in a parking lot or garage, let your event planner know. Parking rates are charged on a tiered schedule.

We will work with you as well as Parking and Card Services to find the optimal parking solution for your event.


Sodexo is the preferred caterer on campus. They can be reached at [email protected]. For events not held in the Busch Student Center we welcome external caterers. If you choose to use an external company you are responsible for the clean up of all food waste and trash removal. Your event planner will walk through the specifics of this once your event is approved.

Sodexo has exclusive catering rights to the Busch Student Center, you may request a waiver from their services by reaching out to [email protected].

All linen orders should be placed through Sodexo.

Audio-Visual Services

Many of our indoor locations are equipped with specific audio-visual equipment. These services may include a projector, computer, microphone(s), and live stream capabilities. Not all locations offer the same equipment. If you have specific A/V needs email [email protected] and we will recommend locations based on your request.

If you need equipment beyond what is offered in our locations you can reach out to the Academic Technology Commons at 314-977-4001.

We do not offer onsite A/V assistance during your event. You may request a walk-through of the equipment prior to your event. Please reach out to your event planner for scheduling.

If you are ready to submit your request, click the 25Live button below. If you are unfamiliar with 25Live, visit our 25Live page for tutorials and troubleshooting of common errors.